Free Utilities from SystemTools Software

Yes, these utilities are all FREE !

We have assembled (and in most cases developed) the following free utilities for addressing unique Windows system management problems and challenges. Please direct any questions concerning these utilities to the contact addresses listed in each application's ReadMe or Help file.

SystemTools TScmd - Developed by SystemTools. A command-line utility to set terminal server user settings. All eighteen (18) terminal server settings can be set. Includes documentation in readme.txt file.

Password Age - Password Age (formerly 'machines'). Displays the age of the password for user and computer accounts. For computer accounts, this information can be used to determine if the computer is no longer being used. For users, it can be used to determine which accounts are not being used or have expired.

CopyPwd - Developed by SystemTools. CopyPwd is a command-line utility that allows copying any number of user or computer account passwords from one computer to another, including domain accounts. CopyPwd can copy the passwords to/from any Windows NT or Windows 2000 computer. Full documentation and source code (under GNU licensing) is included.

SystemTools Remote Control Manager (STRCM) - Developed by SystemTools. The STRCM helps in the installation, configuration, access, and uninstallation of remote control software products. Available either standalone or integrated into Hyena v4.3 and later versions. Full source code is also provided, under GNU licensing.

SystemTools RenameUser - Developed by SystemTools. A command-line utility to rename local user accounts from the command line. This utility should NOT be used for renaming Active Directory accounts.

LPRman - Utility that allows remote creation and management of LPR ports.

Exporter [tm] - Developed by SystemTools. Exporter is a standalone command-line utility for exporting users, groups, group members, services, computers, shares, disk space, and printers (in any combination) from any or all computers on any Windows NT/Windows 2000 domain. Includes online .HLP documentation file.

SystemTools NTconnect - Developed by SystemTools. Utility for creating a Netware® - like login script, allowing commands for connecting drives and printers to be executed conditionally based on user and/or group membership. Also supports program execution and registry modification. Includes Help file and examples. NOTE: This utility will only run on NT clients; it will NOT run on Window 9x clients.

SystemTools Logoff - Developed by SystemTools. This utility (15kb) logs off the current session. Includes source code and comments.

NetUsers - A command-line utility to view the locally logged on users to a specified computer. Can be used to show the current interactive users, or a list of all users to ever logon through the computer. Use /? to view syntax.

NetView - A command-line version of Network Neighborhood or Net View, which supports filtering of specific types of computers returned (SQL, workstations only, etc.). Use /? to view syntax.


SystemTools: Windows System Management Software und Active Directory Tool

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